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Hauling Payload Maximized Vacuum Units for Trailer Mount

Straight vacuum units are single compartment units designed for large volume transfers. Can be used in combination and support of a Combination vac or Hydrovac unit on large jobs. A great add-on for a growing vacuum services company.

This popular configuration is designed to maximize hauling capacity and transfer large volumes of payload. Often chain-ganged to other onsite vac-units to increase payload and jobsite operational capacity. Available in a number of customizable configurations, the most versatile units are designed as TC407 Hazardous waste hauling units. Also available non-coded.

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Available As Single Axle, Double Axle, Tri-Drive and Trailer Mounted Units

With years of infield experience working with many Straight Vacuum owners, Westech Vac sales specialists are a knowledge resource you should consult for general information and Straight Vacuum unit design options.

Typically Each Unit Includes:

  • Hydraulic Lift for Faster and More Efficient Clean Outs
  • Hydraulic Valves for Automated Control Systems
  • Remote Control Operation Systems
  • Variety of Trailer-hitch Types Customized Paint Jobs

Popular Options Include:

  • Epoxy Tank Linings
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Upgraded Vacuum Pumps and Blowers
  • High Efficiency Sound Mufflers
  • Valve Heaters









Industry Applications Include:

  • Blowing Frac Ports and Tubing Drains
  • Cements Jobs
  • Chemical Injections
  • Completion Services
  • Contaminated Soil Removal
  • Ditch Water Pumping
  • Field Spreading
  • Hazardous Goods Spill Recovery
  • Hydro-testing New Pipelines
  • Large Volume Hauling
  • Loss of Circulation Hauling
  • Mud Tank Cleaning
  • Plant Turn-a-rounds
  • Pressure Testing
  • Production Services
  • Production Tank Cleaning
  • Rig Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Road Spraying
  • Sewage Hauling
  • Spill Containment and Clean-up
  • Sump Transfers
  • Tank De-sanding and Cleanouts
  • Trenching
  • Tubing Flushouts
  • Waste Transfers
  • Well Abandonments
  • Well Kills

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